Zen for Wellbeing (Intensive) - Being Now


This is a departure from the normal 8 week format designed for those who can’t make a weekly session but want to benefit from what meditation and mindfulness has to offer.

It will be run over two weekends with a short followup session to make sure you’ve ‘got it’

This course looks at stress, physical and emotional pain, role stress, time pressure, and much more

It is based on the fact that the brain has a property of neuroplasticity. Both the brain and the nervous system can change structurally and functionally under the influence of the signals from the environment. Learning and memory are examples of neuroplasticity.

It follows that meditators are able to change some neural paths in the brain through meditation, and this can result in a dramatic change in your outlook on life events. This profound result of sustained practice, known for many centuries to meditation practitioners, has been confirmed by scientific studies in the last three decades.

This course is a melding of traditional Bompu Zen (Zen for Wellbeing) and secular science. It is highly practical in it’s application of the practices and as a result meshes very well with everyday life.

The meditations themselves are simple but incredibly effective. You will leave with both a toolkit for life and the knowledge of how to use it!

Students will also be taught mindful movement in the form of the Hachi Danken, a Japanese version of the Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong form. Not only does this sequence allow engagement with mindful movement but it also boosts health and vitality when practised daily.

Course structure:

Two intensive style weekend workshops 4wks apart
Personal study – 8 weeks of 30mins daily meditation + other mindful exercises
Follow up session.

Waged: £150
Student/Low wage: £120
Benefits: £80

A deposit of £30 secures your place.
(Please see T&C’s for further information)

Prior booking is essential as the course is limited to 10 students to ensure everyone gets the most out of it.

Please use the contact form below to express your interest.

Guided meditation packs and a journal are included in the course price.
All meditation cushions/stools will be provided.
Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement.

Courses held at Om Studios (1st Floor)
19 Greyhound St, Nottingham, NG1 2DP

“I had a small amount of meditation experience before taking this course, but had never felt like I fully understood what I was doing or trying to achieve. The Mindfulness course provided me with a much deeper understanding of how and why to meditate, and has helped me to implement meditation practice into my daily life. I cannot thank Dave enough for this and would definitely recommend doing this course.”

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