This course introduces Zen meditation and mindfulness practices aimed at developing insight into reality and who we really are.

The scroll was painted by my teacher’s teacher Shinzan Miyamae Roshi and reads Kensho Jobutsu or See your true nature. Become Buddha.

Painted by my teacher’s teacher, Shinzan Miyamae Roshi, it reads Kensho Jobutsu, or, See your true nature. Become Buddha.

Working with Koan meditations and other practices we begin the process of opening to the truth.

The ultimate focus is on Kensho – literally seeing or experiencing your true nature, not depending on beliefs or notions.

Kensho is “a blissful realisation where a person’s inner nature, the originally pure mind, is directly known as illuminating emptiness, a thusness…” – Peter Harvey

It is this awakening that is the starting point on our path to ultimately attaining Satori or enlightenment.

This course also features the energy cultivation and grounding meditations taught to Hakuin Zenji to cure his ‘Zen Sickness’. A perfect complement to any overexertion with the other practices. Please see the Zen Meditation for Energy Cultivation and Grounding page for more details

Course structure:

8 weeks
2hr workshop per week
30mins daily meditation + other mindful exercises

Waged: £150
Student/Low wage: £120
Benefits: £80

A deposit of £30 secures your place.
(Please see T&C’s for further information)

Courses are open to those that have completed a Mindfulness for Wellbeing course and will be offered accordingly around once a year.

This is because it is good practice to get the groundwork done, the mental and emotional wellbeing stabilised, before asking the big questions. Also whilst you may have previous mindfulness experience, it’s sometimes good to go back to basics and if everyone has done the Wellbeing course it allows me to draw upon that material without further explanation, enabling me to fit more in to each lesson.