“This course has made a profound difference to me. It is no exaggeration to say it has improved my life more than any other single thing I have ever done. Both course and instructor are outstanding.” Steve

“Amazing course. Very helpful – most helpful thing I have ever done to manage stress.” Marie

“Really enjoyed the course – Life changer. Excellent teacher” Des

“I missed the first session and found I didn’t really appreciate the advantages of mindfulness (or thought I didn’t!), until week 3 onwards. The improvements in my stress levels are more than I had expected. I will continue to meditate daily, the results are tenfold.” Mandy

“I had a small amount of meditation experience before taking this course, but had never felt like I fully understood what I was doing or trying to achieve. The Mindfulness course provided me with a much deeper understanding of how and why to meditate, and has helped me to implement meditation practice into my daily life. I cannot thank Dave enough for this and would definitely recommend doing this course.” Paul

“Really enjoyed learning what you’ve taught me these last 2 months. I’m shocked at how much it has helped me and how much I really did get out of the course. I’m looking forward to carrying on with my meditation and seeing where I can go with it.” David

“The mindfulness classes led by Dave were incredibly beneficial in enhancing my understanding of mindfulness, as well as allowing me a lot of new techniques I was previously unaware of. The classes are held are the Om Centre which is very convenient to get to being situated just off Market Square. The room in which the classes were held was a very pleasant setting being spacious, well-lit at a comfortable temperature.

The content of the sessions was fantastic and Dave would always match up the teaching to one of his personal experiences, or emphasise the meaning with a metaphor or analogy of sorts. Written copies were provided in each lesson, along with a folder for them to be stored in. The cd’s were also an excellent resource in my endeavours and provided a lot of benefit to me when practising techniques at home.

Overall, I would certainly recommend anyone to attend one of Dave’s classes in the future if they are able to.” James